Mabel Leon Oviedo Photography

We are nourished not only with what we eat, but also with what we see. 
That is why my proposal is a production of images that bring beauty in Fine Arts and posters, but also mugs, blankets, pillows, photobooks and more everyday items.
"Lux et Design"
“Lux et Design”
The word "photography" comes from the greek words "photos" (light) & "graphe" (drawing/writing). So, this means that photography is literally the art of writing with light, and I believe that everyone is writing and designing the life they want to live.


That is why I chose this slogan: “Lux et Design”, or ‘Light & Design’.

I tend to take photographs of simple sets using anything that comes at hand and playing with lightning, thus creating a sense that “everyday becomes magical” (P. Carabajal).
Even the edge of a table, the kitten looking at the light, the pieces of mirror that we framed -from a big one that broke- or my childhood chess set that appeared when I emptied my childhood home, can become interesting.

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