My story began in the XX century in Dolores, first patriotic town, 120 miles south of Buenos Aires city, Argentina, South America.
During my adolescence I studied drawing and painting, being some of my works selected in several salons in the province.
In 1986 I graduated in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires, a profession that I continue to practice and I reedit every day with the practice of Zen meditation. I taught at that faculty for more than 15 years and I have presented papers at conferences, published in various places and written a technical book for psychologists, which has been republished.
In 2015 I met the Canon, took photography classes and participated in some group and solo exhibitions. 
It is in this XXI century, that I have resumed that channel of expression stopped in my adolescence: before I painted in oil, today I do it through the reflex.

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In 1977, when I was 15 years old, I was kidnapped together with my father by the illegal repression - I was never a hero, nor was I a militant or involved in anything forbidden.


In those adolescent and small-town of the province of Buenos Aires days, my main dramas were those of love. It was my turn to witness the horror but without space or time to testify. There was only a monochord present, threatening and incommunicable day after day. Without end.


In my town, the only defense was silence, both that of the people who kept the relation with my family as if the kidnapping had not happened, and that of neighbors that suddenly approached us saying nothing about the detention, but with a supportive glance.


No one ever asked any questions. There were only looks of deep solidarity or deep rejection, thrown into our eyes.


Having studied painting allowed me to express - despite first real gag and then self-censorship - something inside me that had not been shattered by that horror. The darkness radiated for years, but underhandedly. 



Identity and Memory

"Identity and Memory, intervention in Phase 7" is my first audiovisual exercise and I used photos I took at the event "Fase 7" at the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, in 2015.


In the tour through the different rooms I was caught by the signage of the room “Thresholds" and the work of Jehymy Vasco “Fragility" -about the forced disappearance in Colombia- the mirror of Carlos Albino Molina called “Reflection" and finally of Paloma Marquez, “Swarm”. The grief generated in me by the work of these artists, inevitably threw me to my forced disappearance during the illegal repression. I have much to learn in visual arts, however, these have already contributed in my ordering emotions of what I lived. 


Congratulations to the artists and many thanks to the teachers of “Image WorkShops”, the photographers Robert Camarra and María Mohorade Cardús.