Certain issues motivates my work and here, I explain them

Chess in peacetimes
“Chess in peacetimes” is an ongoing project born from my reflections to some situations I lived and to the question if there is chance, destiny or strategy.


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It is composed of different series with chess pieces outside the board and with the scenarios and light, I represent emotions - such as the hostility of stalking, sadness or loving harmony - and other times, the presence of the past or the projection of a future.


The action is in "peacetimes" because outside the cosmic checkerboard, the pieces do not form an army at war and go about creating their own game - which is no less sacred and unfathomable for that.


As mythical as it is generous is Chess, which helps me in this search, in which the pieces inhabit from the intimacy of the table or the apartment window to a rail in a train station or a book in one of Yale's libraries.


Last but not least, only in times of peace are revisions possible, even of the tragic. In times of war the important and urgent thing is to flee, defend or attack and therefore, there is no time or space for the introspective look - and thus to mess with the other story, the subterranean and eternal one.


Today I believe that in all situations, whether they take place in an intimate setting or in a social setting, "It is not up to us to decide what time to live in, we can only choose what to do with the time we have been given" (J.R.R.Tolkien, 1954).


Thank you very much for looking at these photographs and for a moment, for having stopped and shared your path with mine.


Despite the current mistreatment of animals in some industries such as food production, clothing, cosmetics, some sports and entertainment, experiments or in particular negligence, since prehistoric times mankind has treated certain animals with love: their pets.


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The origin of the term is associated with talisman and good luck.
Although the medical care of animals has been known since ancient times, but it was in the 20th century that, pets are a commodity that drives the development of the veterinary industry.  They have specific businesses and gondolas in supermarkets for their consumer and care products, and at the same time they are increasingly associated with the love and vitality they provide as company for people of all ages, even elderly people living alone.
Foundations, social media groups and individuals are proliferating that are dedicated to rescuing and connecting homeless animals with homes that want to adopt them. Others rescue, train and integrate them with institutions dedicated to human health, as part of both physical and mental treatments from children to ex-combatants.  "...people help animals and animals help people," say the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.
We usually think of dogs and cats, but pets can be any animal that is domesticated, such as birds and cold-blooded reptiles like iguanas, especially for those allergic to fur. Each kind has its own particularity and bonding style. In some countries, they are seen with their owners not only in parks, but also in restaurants, stores, subways, airplanes, go to hospitals with volunteers, visit the sick without families and are official mascots in universities living on campus with the rector.


Today, pets not only inhabit children's stories, they are also part of many homes as an additional member.


– Kitty sonata in R.E.M

-Mia and Kitty, an issue of territory 

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Portrait, appears in the V century BC on the coins of the Persian kings.


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From the Latin retractu is a painting of a person, mainly of the face, in a three-dimensional way when it is a sculpture, or in two dimensions, if it is a drawing, painting or photography.
The face and its expression predominate in the portrait, showing the likeness, personality and even the mood of the person.
Throughout the history of art, portraits have been made, from the Egyptians to the present day, using all the techniques and materials available to artists, carried out in all trends and have evolved over time.


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